TRUE SKOOL RADIO in 2014 and beyond

Even though TSR is not about popularity and having the most listeners as I rather 5 real individuals doing something with the information they hear vs hundreds that listen and don’t do squat I was prompted to see just what the numbers were looking like today and in 2014 our most listened to show with Thaahum had 744 and the show with the lowest number of listens was 190. All I really cared from the jump was to average 50 per show and I think 2014’s numbers are good being that I hardly promote the shows the way I used to.

These last couple of years have been difficult as I ran into some unexpected obstacles that threw my 5 year plan off course but it’s small things to a giant, I welcomed the challenge and became a better person through it and regardless we going to shift it into high gear next year as I’m still in the process of establishing a solid team that will help promote so I won’t be doing all the work and soon will be back to broadcasting on a weekly basis again.

Peace to all those that have expressed their love respect and appreciation for what we do as we have definitely got that more than hate and just look forward to hearing us on a more consistent basis. In 2015 we will also have a paypal link up for those who have mentioned how they want to help us stay going on a more consistent basis. We have had a great run and judging by those I have lined up to be on in 2015, it will be our best year yet.

If you have never heard our show, some of our discussions over the years have been everything from domestic violence to fatherhood, Occupy Wallstreet, the influence of the 5% in hip hop with Adeeb Shabazz, the disconnect blacks in our country have with Africa with my good friend Shaqir, shows discussing Troy Davis, police brutality, as well as had tributes to the likes of H Rap Brown, George Jackson, Rashid Johnson, Safiyah Buhkari, 2pac, Guru, Gil Scott Heron and Geronimo Pratt. Guests have included Chuck D, Money B, Jasiri X, NY Oil, Paris, Queen Yonasda, Kalongi Jama Changa, Beautyful SeeAsia, Kalik Scientific and the God Hop Confederation, Lord Jamar, Tahir, Kasim Allah, Random, Roqy Tyraid, Pennywise, Blaze Rock, Divine Valentin, Benjamin Woods, Kye Gise, TWILIGHT, TJ Supahype, Daniel Nieto and Vprolific of Artistic Reason AZ, my brothers from the School of Hip Hop Phoenix as well as Malik Zulu Shabazz just to name a few as I can’t recall it all. Tune in, I’m sure you will like what you hear.


Watch out for them snakes! (Some relationship advice)


It is so important to have a solid foundation and clear understanding with your partner when dealing in a relationship. If both parties involved always know that the other has their best interest in mind in all they do it would be hard for anyone/thing to disrupt that union. As a protector, GOOD men tend to always look out and keep those 3rd voices or snakes from among their garden but it’s hard to do that when you have a partner that feels you are trying to be controlling and entertains these snakes and third voices. The deterioration of many a great union you will often find was sparked by a third envious jealous voice. These voices are often empowered in your absence, that’s why it’s also important to try to do as much together as a unit because if your partner is unwise in the company they choose to be around the seeds of disention will be planted.

One of the most truthful quotes ever is “misery loves company.” Disatisfied individuals tend to hate on others happiness and they can come in the form of relatives or so called “friends.” That relative ish has always been overrated to me, unless we can relate we really aren’t relatives. People use this “we are blood” ish to get close to you when the truth is you couldn’t be further apart whether it be your perspective in politics, dietary habits, child rearing etc etc. One of my fav lines ever in hip hop was when stic man of dead prez said, “I got cousins in the military but far as I’m concerned they die when they register!” Being among like minds is critical as those who do not understand you or disagree with your way of life will disrespect yours. Those who have been around the block a few times in relationships whether they be business related or intimate can spot these jealous types a mile away and do their best to keep them from among their flock but sometimes the individual you are in a relationship with just doesn’t understand especially if they haven’t been in many. The best way you can find out who the snakes are is once your union is over, just see how certain people react to it and comments they make when they finally show the true colors of who you knew they were all along. You had something great and they are HAPPY it’s over. Just think about it, they are HAPPY, lol. Some people just too damn blind to see it and they wallow in the filth and it’s hard to watch people you love/loved die in their own iniquity but some people just have to learn the hard way.

These days I’m getting kind of tired of saying I told you so, so I don’t. These days I just sit back and observe………….and laugh. Trying to make people see the obvious who refuse to is frustrating, so when those relationships end it’s kind of a breath of fresh air because when you are no longer with that certain inidividual you know you will no longer have to put up with the company they keep among themselves and when you look at it that way, you start to be more thankful of your situation despite how much you loved and cared for your former partner and you can finally start building a solid base of thorough individuals to surround yourself with again. This is just my testimony. There are many good people in the world who can embrace people who are different and give them space but that has not been my experience. I am interested in the experiences of others who have dealt with this in relationships and your thoughts. Also for those that have been able to ward off outside forces who would asunder what you have built, how did you keep them at bay and persevere?


RIP Father Shaheed of Poor Righteous Teachers

What can I say about Poor Righteous Teachers? Good principled hip hop, devoid of genocide on wax and misogynistic garbage with jewels throughout. I learned a lot just by listening to their music, the type of music I can always play around my seeds and hold my head up high as it has gotten me and continues to help get me through the days. I really like how when folks who weren’t hip to a lot of their music that I have played on my show would ALWAYS be like, “I need to check some more of their material out..” It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with individuals like Vincent Harding and Sam Greenlee already returning and now the DJ of one of my most favorite hip hop crews PRT. As much as this hits home for me can only imagine how it is for folks like Wise Intelligent. Big loss for hip hop, RIP

“They are easily lead in the wrong direction, hard to be lead in the right”

……and they get upset when you aren’t easily lead in the wrong after they try to convince you over and over again but just don’t understand that you stand firm in what is the truth and cannot be swayed into some bs. This is why I love the ones I call comrades these days. They may not all be gods N earths, muslims or other so called “conscious” folk but they “get it” and care nothing about some meaningless labels. I been studying this freedom thing for quite a while and pretty much get what needs to be done and have gotten it since I started studying at 13. At one point being disillusioned in my experience of thinking a revolutionary hip hop group I started could change the world (which was far from revolutionary as all the members wanted to do was bang groupies and the all important “shine”) I ignored my duty or calling and just thought settling down and trying to be comfortable in this age of facism and tyranny I would be content in that complacency. The impossible happened though, I actually met someone who “gets it” a couple of years ago and we have done more in the lil amount of time together vs ALLLL the years previously with those who just like to hear themselves talk and put none of their theory in to practice. I understand this, that’s why I strive not to get so worked up when individuals try (key word try) to critique what needs to be done that I involve myself in when it comes to this freedom thing and in turn pump some ish that changes absolutely nothing and in fact just adds on to the problem.

Something many of my comrades and I discuss often is how intelligent some folk seem yet just………don’t………..get……it, and at their age I feel probably never will. I used to think because some individuals were so called conscious they would be down to do this work but for the most part they just like to bitch, call those that are down crazy and tell them what they are doing can’t be done. I’ve learned that this freedom thing definitely is not for everyone as people do not want to do what it takes to make it a reality, they do not want to get their hands dirty, they rather partake in consumeristic practices like holiday celebrations or stay intoxicated and high all day like there’s no work to be done. Like my comrade says in the song, Haiti Can’t WaitMaybe it’s impossible to wake up folks that’s comfortable.”

I swear man, it’s crazy, recently a “brother” quoted a bunch of BULLSHIT in my face and said, “Now isn’t that beautiful? What’s greater than that?” Seriously!? This man really loves hearing himself talk, it’s pretty pathetic. How about GETTING FREE? And people really look up to this guy, not a lot but some and even an observer voiced how those cats are needed to a certain extent. Personally I feel we have too many lip professors who are comfortable in knowing or quoting a bunch of theoretical ish, meanwhile no observers could say they see this man in the community doing anything I do, and I have wasted a lot of time being around people like this a lil bit more than the last decade of my life ( for the intellectuals that like to correct peoples spelling, when I misspell words like saying lil instead of little……….I do it on purpose) There is a man who walked with the founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths who when he gave me my flag which he based on my character and not quoting a bunch of ish said, “I’ve magnetized you True, and you are going to have a lot of people jealous of you and hating on you for no good reason” I been kind of seeing him as a prophet lately, lol. One thing’s for sure, people who claim to be at peace in this reality (because everyone loves to go to work, pay taxes etc etc etc) there is no hope for imo. They “love the devil because the devil gives them nothing.” They rather put band aids on their wounds vs removing what is creating the wounds. It’s pretty simple, unless what you are talking or implementing is about eradicating what is creating the wounds, you are not doing or saying anything…….PERIOD!

In closing, while it is nothing new to those who actually pay attention whether it be those who have listened to some of my music or my partners in Treble Army, heard me speak on panels at events or gatherings, have listened to TRUE SKOOL RADIO or been a part of anything my comrade and I have put together from Feed the People block parties to revolutionary study groups, read any of my works over the years from when I started with PUB to currently writing for Hip Hop U……….anyone who has paid attention or been a part of any of that knows what I do is rooted in being revolutionary. Of course it is hard to call anything revolutionary that doesn’t spark one but that doesn’t mean to say what individuals like Malcolm, Garvey, Huey or Fred Hampton and other organizations put into practice is not revolutionary because others didn’t pick up the ball, follow suit and make it do what it should of.

Things are about to pick up ( could of sworn the previous paragraph started with in closing, lol) and my team is in transition of moving on to a new course of study as we are closing up on the one we are doing now, so it would be a good time for those who have voiced interest in adding on to do so because pretty soon I am going to be off the grid (hopefully, it’s real idealistic right now as I would be doing a disservice to some people I do business with in which not being online could make those things much harder BUT they still can be done as they were done before the advent of the internet) What once was going to be TRUE SKOOL RADIO showcases has turned into something else which is great as it involves more like minded individuals I have been wanting to connect with for a minute, so look forward to seeing that in the near future. My hip hop project, True World Order is done and you can always do the knowledge and apply what things like the Treble Army projects have put out into the universe. I love music, I love hip hop but the whole world having a Treble Army cd and hearing us “rap to you” in any form or fashion from that to our TSR shows is truly just some feel good ish for others that doesn’t really change anything as it takes up time in which you can be doing something much more pertinent like ohhhhh, I don’t know, fighting imperialism.

That’s all for now. I’ll leave a revised video of Pay to Live as I know how much we all love visual distractions and didn’t mean to interrupt the flow of reflections and vids of my children (that’s a fb reference for my subscribers that don’t follow my postings on it). Just had to throw this up in the matrix for those who forgot or may have thought I’m not “still on that revolutionary ish” that people always refer to when it comes to me. It’s kind of like when people say, “why you always on that black shit?”, I mean what else is a BLACK REVOLUTIONARY supposed to be on? Smh, people are hilarious. There’s no need to tute my own horn when it comes to anything I do as the work should speak for itself and if anyone thinks I am something other than what I am, you’ve never built with me, are lieing to yourself, but most likely are people who do nothing and try to feel good about yourself by knocking someone doing what you KNOW you should be doing because being critical of those who expect you to get up off your ass and do something other than the feel good ish you drench yourself in is your job and what you do best, you make our ancestors proud.

One last thing, if you are connected with anyone who seems hellbent on dirtying my name with lies I would just pay them no mind or really just disassociate with them or disconnect from the ONLY communication you have with them (lol) as I really don’t care for you to relay anything they have said or more specific posted about me online because it tends to come from a scorned, spiteful, vindictive or jealous source of one I probably rubbed the wrong way by speaking to them a way they are not comfortable with which is something human beings really have to learn to do in taking criticism or tough love without feeling it’s coming from a place other than love. Those that hold you accountable are the type of people you want in your circle, not cheerleaders who play follow the leader and agree with everything you do. A certain scene in Boondocks with Thugnificent comes to mind but I don’t feel like looking for it, however I have a TON of haters like the many Jesus types before me (ha haaa) because if you don’t, you aint doing nothing but I just want any haters that may be lurking to understand, again, I have a ton so don’t flatter yourself and think it’s all about you or feel I should make the extra effort in singling you out like it is, I got way bigger fish to fry and none of my haters are down to help do it so they are not that important.

Anyways, as usual, peace to all the real brothers and sisters that think positive and do positive things and in the words of Big Rube, “Right on to the real, death to the fakers.” PEACE

Pay to Live (revised)

Past Treble Army vids,

Footnote-this piece was inspired by something I freestyled off my dome in a forum called Sai Sumtin that I wanted to elaborate more on in written form as the venue was only open for so long and I could of freestyled all night about the topic.

Review of TRUE SKOOL RADIO with Thaahum discussing the AZ 2014 Inspiration on Fire Cipher….

That would be the bring your child to work edition. This was a great show. I was very pleased to find out that after another one of our frequent hiatuses (is that a word?) that with over 1,000 listens this particular edition of TSR was our most listened to one yet, and with the many great shows we have had under our belt which have included various hip hop legends like Chuck D, Paris and Lord Jamar as well as topics other shows do not discuss like domestic violence, fatherhood and the disconnect many descendants of Africans have with the muthaland, that is saying a whoooole lot.

Why was this show so special to me? Well as I have frequently said when it comes to hip hop, when we don’t keep the youth in mind is when we start messing up, and this show and the project put together that was the topic of the show was all about the youth. Not only that, but the feedback I got from the playlist on the show from those that listened and how much they liked the presence of female mcs throughout the listening was pleasing. I must say though, my favorite part of the show is when the guest Thaahum mentioned my late brother Dominant Born when reflecting on some past events. Dominant would have loved TRUE SKOOL RADIO and most likely would have been my cohost. Anyways check out the video for the 2014 AZ Inspiration on Fire Cipher as well as share it and make it go viral with yall lazy asses. Peep the rest of the playlist of songs as well and keep tuning in and checking for us, things about to pick up in a major way………MAJOR!

Playlist for the show ( ) below……………

-Bigger Than Hip Hop- Arstic Reason AZ ( Vprolific, Kite 93, The Brain​, ​Shining Soul​, ​Progreso​,​ True MC & Born Justice​,​ Loki​, ​Bob​-​Domestic​, ​Verbo Autonomo​, ​RaeRae)

-We Live the Music-Thaahum, Mystic Blue, Huni)

-Dice Game-Noah Little

-Mad-Roqy Tyraid

-Haiti Can’t Wait-Treble Army

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-2013 IOF Cipher Trademarc RMX featuring Smooth, Camille Sledge, Thaahum, MysticBlu, Random, Apollo Poetry, Intro by HB of HomeBase Poetry

-2014 Inspiration on Fire Cipher featuring King Arik/Huni, Nekaybaw/Thaahum, Young Pretty/Cee Alpha, Born Justice/True Father Allah & Savyour/M.P.R.E.S.S.

-Where Did Hip Hop Go?- Huni, Wisdom Soul and Mpress

True Mastery-Sa Roc

Not Impressed by Obama Speech…………at all

Peace this peace that, respect the law this, respect the law that. Asking people who have been oppressed or disenfranchised to stay calm in the face of continuous injustices against them is no different then saying to a woman being physically abused in a domestic relationship to just stay, put up with it and things will eventually change. Makes no sense right? I know what we should do, we should just all go to church and pray, that’s been working pretty good right? My son gives me hope. He is 11 years old. We were watching an interview with Trayvon’s parents on tv today and when his mom started talking all that mystery god ish, he jumped up off the couch and stormed off, “I’m not trying to hear any of THAT!” he said. It’s not the first time he has reacted to religion like that, but I was wowed………….and proud, he is one of my greatest achievements without a doubt.

Speaking of tv, if there is one thing I really dislike about the George Zimmerman trial it’s how it had me glued to the television every day for a few weeks. When you stop watching tv and then you go on that type of streak, you really see how redundant, retarded and idiotic tv is. Not once with all these black pundits weighing in (some I used to respect, not the President though) have I heard someone speaking how those in my circle feel towards this whole thing. I am very upset with myself that I am not in a position where I can be doing TRUE SKOOL RADIO on a consistent basis for we have not even had a show covering this yet.

Back to the president’s speech though. Why people would ask my opinion on it is beyond me, he is not an enemy of American empire and I really do not care for anything he has to say for he is responsible for numerous unforgivable acts and has the blood of many poor innocents on his hands, MLK he is not so people really need to stop with all the comparisons already. Him getting a Nobel Peace Price takes all credibility from it, this warmonger is not a man of peace.

Since I was, I don’t know 5 years old, I have been emboldened with fighting for and serving the people. Ever since I was a young brother sitting in front of that same tube I despise these days watching the pbs special Eyes on the Prize and things like Roots I knew there was something wrong with the world and I have been wanting to change it. It wouldn’t be until I was older and heard the song Fight the Power by Public Enemy for the first time that I would hear others speaking my thoughts and how I felt about many things in society. I think I was 10 or 11 when I heard Fight the Power. Not too much later I would hear a song called Brothers Gonna Work it Out by PE as well which really inspired me and gave me optimism that one day we would win and this world would be the world it should be, the world it used to be.

I am very pleased that I have children………..because they are the only thing that keeps me optimistic, they are the future. I’m not impressed by the first black president, what ANYONE is saying about the Zimmerman trial or what anyone is doing that I know of. What needs to be done I don’t know too many who have the heart for and as I have said many times before, I’m pretty sure where I want to see the world go and what I fight for is not something I will see in my lifetime, however much of what is going on is providing a great example of how to stay stagnant and what not to do so my children will be aware of that. They already know what needs to be done. I don’t even really build with my peers anymore, I build with their children, because it’s them, the younger generations who are going to bring the change I want to see. I have found that they are more open to my wisdom than my peers and respect what I have to say more. Those who have no children I don’t even care to build with unless they reaching out. Ultimately when it comes to my peers, I have found that all they like to do is hear themselves talk.

Talk is cheap, we need to DO something.


My letter to Hot 97 this morning in the aftermath of the verdict in the George Zimmerman case

More like email but I tuned in to their show Street Soldiers this morning because a comrade was going to be a special guest on the show. When I called in bringing in the accountability of Hot 97 I was cut off told that was a question for the program director (who I know) and that if there was more positive music out there Hot 97 would play it because they have their “ears to the street” ……………yeah, that’s what I said. Check it….

Peace, I just wanted to finish my comment I made on the show this morning about the role and responsibility media like Hot 97 plays in things like the George Zimmerman case. Before I could finish my train of thought I was cut off and told my question was for the program director who was not there so you could give your shout outs. An individual earlier in the show said the youth are not involved enough in the politcal process so my question was would going in the future instead of continuing to promote the artists that brag about rape (Rick Ross song came on after the show was over) and playing ads that say Jay Z’s new album is revolutionary, will Hot 97 in the future AT LEAST play the MANY songs like the Trayvon tributes artists like Public Enemy and Jasiri X have or just songs by artists that politicize minds of the youth instead of the songs that perpetuate or influence George Zimmerman mindstates so that when a jury sees a pic of a young black man with his shirt off they don’t assume he’s some imposing thug. Calling Jay Z revolutionary confuses the youth as to what revolutionary really means, THAT is part of the problem. I don’t know any fans that listen to Jay Z because of how he sparks their minds to want to be activists in their own communities.Everyone needs to look in the mirror and see what part they play in all this. As a host of my own independent hip hop media show I refuse to play any music or artists that promote a culture of black death misogyny and disrespect because we are greater than that, the youth won’t know that if they are not shown that. You said if there was more music like what I speak of it would get played because “your (Hot 97) ear is always in tune with the streets” but your ear is not really to the street because we are in an era where there has never been more progressive artists in hip hop speaking out against the ills in our society and truth to power. If no one at Hot 97 knows this you may want to get some new people working up there because the streets are mad right now and I doubt any music you have played since the verdict mirrors that